W.B. Lanham & Company has an unparalleled reputation for excellence and innovation. Fresh ingredients, time honored techniques, and years of experience allow us to create menus with the finest American, European and ethnic cuisine. Our team works diligently to create a custom menu for each event according to the season and your personal taste. Below are a selection of sample menus.

-Alchohol Free Beverage Station

-Bennedum Foundation Board of Directors Menu

-Department of Justice Summer Lunch Menu

-Seated Dinner at Glenview Mansion

-Spring Dinner for the Young Presidents Organization

2008 Menu Selections
We respect the advancements and achievements of the American Gourmand. Our menues are in no way limited to theses suggestinos but rather are a representation of our "style´ of offereings. We are great supporters of the SLOW FOOD MOVEMENT and LOCALLLY PRODUCED FOODS WITH A FACE. We strive to use locally produced ingredients at every step of our operation and are thrilled to work with you on Seasonal Menues featuring locally produced comestibles offered in season.

Butlered Hors d´ oeuvres


Quail breasts and Baby Leeks

Decatur House Crabmeat

Five Onion
with balsamic glaze

Fiddlehead Ferns

Paul´s fresh Mozzarella and Buffalo Bolognese

Trout Rillette Black Diamond
rye crouton with both smoked and fresh Allegheny trout, fresh chives

House-made Rustic Potato Bread Toasts
featuring Quail Creek Farms Angus Sirloin

Morel and Fontina Crostini

Firefly Farms chevre au bleu mousse and Walnut Pesto

Surry Ham and Gruyere

Crispy Potato Pancakes
and Quail Creek Farm´s freshly made applesauce

Caramelized Onion and Wild Ramp Galette

Beggar´s Purses
with our own Swiss Chard and lamb ragout

Aroborio Croquettes
featuring Blue Ridge dairy smoked mozzarella

Miniature Lower Bay Crabcakes
on homemade brioche with Lulu's Aioli

Fresh Ginger Chicken Breast Satay
with spicy Tidewater peanut sauce

Summer Rolls
with smoked mountain trout, horseradish and pea tendrils

Cider Poached Lady Apples
featuring Cedarbrook Farm pork and Applejack

Fried Green Tomatoes
with crabmeat remoulade

see also Soups at quailcreekfarm.com

Spring Pea Soup
with morel cream

Spring Pea Fondu
with Crabmeat and baby pea tendrils

Seafood or Tomato Madrilene, Caponata Crostini
with seasonal garnish

Duck Consomme

Bayou Red Bean Puree
with claret and rice

Consomme Quail Creek Farm
Game birds, turnip, and swiss chard

Seafood Minestrone

Yellow Tomato Gazpacho
with creme fraiche

Essence of Tomato and Fennel, Colorful Tomato Brunoise

Chilled Cranshaw Melon with Lobster

Chilled Pear, Cheese Straws and fresh Spearmint Garni

Potato, Leek Soup
with chives

Chilled Red Plum Soup
with reisling

Waterress Puree served Chilled
with fresh tuna tartare

Chilled Sorrel Soup
with baby spinach and Keswick Farm´s Dragons Breath cheese mousse


Sand Hill Farm Asparagus Salad
with lemon oil vinaigrette, stuffed egg, and parmesan toast

Frisee, Pears, Roasted Walnuts and Stilton, Sherry Wine and Grapeseed Vinaigrette

Eli´s French Beans with Wallace Edwards Bacon
creamer potatoes and roasted garlic vinaigrette fried leek julienne

Field Greens
a tangle of fresh herbs, French vinaigrette

Baby Arugula Salad
shaved parmesan, proscuitto and pickled white asparagus

Quail Creek Farms Mozzarella en carroza
garnished with roasted red peppers, red onions, capers and white anchovy, frisee

A Salad of Baby Romaine, Pancetta, Blue Ridge Dairy´s fresh Mozzarelle, Sundried Tomato and Basil infused Olive Oil Vinaigrette

Baby Bok Choy
Tylers gourmet microgreens, seared Tuna loin, tomato brunoise, dressed with wasabi and lemon oil

Baby Tatsoi and Citrus Salad
pommegranate and champagne vinegar, seasonal greens du chef

Entree Suggestions

Wild Chesapeake Bay Rockfish
with Spring Pea Fondu and chervil or Red wine, tomatoes and basil

English Lamb Chop
curried cous cous, baby zuchini, and toasted pompadum

Blue Ridge Valley Lamb two ways
fresh thyme braised goujons and medium rare loin medallions, potato gnocchi, bacon, and pencil grass

Mignons of Beef Quail Creek Farm
beef tenderloin medallion served with a wild mushroom stuffed quail. Wilted dandelion greens.

Duck Confit
wilted baby spinach & fennel, Sauce dijonaisse

Roulades of Allegheny Mountain Trout
Sun dried tomato naige. Crawfish tails and bay scallop garni

Striped Bass, Riesling Court Boullion
fresh bay leaf, celeriac, fennel and baby bok choy

Swordfish Kebabs Avgolemeno
Cous cous

Chorizo and Kale stuffed Pork Loin
tomato Bordelaise

Fire Roasted Baron of Local Lamb
atop a gratin of eggplant, tomato, and chevre gratin

Lamb Rounds
with fennel and artichoke Tatziki

Fresh and Smoked Canadian Sturgeon
with Cucumbers and its own caviar. Spinach agnolotti en brodo

  • Alcohol Free Beverage Station
  • Bennedum Foundation Board of Directors Menu
  • Department of Justice Summer Lunch Menu
  • Seated Dinner at Glenview Mansion
  • Spring Dinner for the Young Presidents Organization
  • Thorpewood Great Room Luncheon Menu

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