Alcohol Free Beverage Station

Beverage Station for Cocktail Reception

I am excited to do an alcohol free reception for you. This can be exciting, dramatic, and beautiful. We pour so much “wedding” champagne and beer. This is a truly refreshing departure. Here we go.

Frozen strawberry daiquiris with our own lime sorbet. Garnished with a vanilla yogurt dipped local berry and a straw. Of course alcohol free.

Mango spritzer with club soda and a splash of ginger beer and a sugar cane swizzle stick

Black currant cocktail with Sprite and key lime juice

Virgin Bloody Mary with veal stock and lemon juice. Garnished with traditionally celery

Sparkling Cherry juice with Frizzante (Italian Sparkling water) and Cherry Italian Ice

Bottled Italian Waters both Still and Frizzante, fruit garnishes

Lemonade, Ginger limeade, Iced tea, and Coke products

Let’s do a tasting should you choose to work with us.

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